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Libertines, Lotharios or Bastards?

Monthly Archives: October 2014

“It’s The Devil’s club…I just manage it for him”

Philip Wharton, 1st Duke of Wharton 1698 –1731

More Tea Vicar ?

A harmless bit of blasphemy and dressing up from the chairman of the very FIRST Hell Fire Club.


If its new, different or not from this country…I HATE IT!

Charles de Laet Waldo Sibthorp (1783–1855)

"Humbug !!"

Ill informed, bigoted and proud. Get whipped up into a terrified frenzy with England’s most reactionary politician.


“Did You Just Spill My Pint?!”

Charles Mohun, 4th Baron Mohun (1675 –1712)

Gentleman Thug

The most enthusiastic duelist of the 1700s, he likes picking fights and killing people.