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Libertines, Lotharios or Bastards?

Category: Blog

Filming, Floating and Fooling Around

David Niven 1910 - 1983 Errol Flynn 1909 -1959

Water-skiing - What can go Wrong?

Hollywood housemates David Niven and Errol Flynn are “All at Sea”


Everyone’s Gone Fanny Mad!

Fanny Murray 1729 - 1778

"I don't half fancy a sandwich"

Suitors, Sandwiches and Celebrity. The rise and rise of the 18th century’s sexiest woman – Fanny Murray.


“Trust me….I’m a Mutineer”

Jeronimus Cornelisz 1598 – 1629

"This is the worst cruise ever!!"

Mutiny, Massacre and Madness with conniving psychopath Jeronimus Cornelisz.


George Hanger – Moves Like Jaeger

George Hanger, 4th Baron Coleraine 1751 -1824

Do you love me, now that I can Dance?

Dutch Courage and dancing like no one’s watching with the 1700s most “Uncool” rogue.


Elizabeth Bathory..”You just can’t get the Staff”

Elizabeth Bathory 1560 -1614

Bad Boss

Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific female serial killer in history was also the world’s worst employer.


Lola Montez – Everyone’s A Critic

Lola Montez 1821 - 1861

Whip It!

Horsewhips, Revolutions and Risque Dancing with the 1840s most exciting woman.


Boyars Keep Swinging

Catherine II of Russia 1729 - 1796

"A little bit of what you fancy does you good"

Circumcision & Speed Dating with Catherine The Great.


Make Mine A Triple

Dušan Popov 1912-1981

James Who?

Double Agent, Double O and Double The Fun with Dušan Popov


“He was a terrible man and I’m glad he’s dead.”

James Lowther 1st Earl of Lonsdale 1736 -1802

No more "Mr Nice Guy"

Politics, penny pinching and perversion. Why no one had a good word to say about “Wicked Jimmy”


A Quiet Night At The Cock Tavern

Sir Charles Sedley 1639 - 1701

"I may have had a couple of ales"

Drunkenness,Indecency,Blasphemy,Riot and Mime – Now that’s an afternoon drink