» The Mysterious Sex Appeal of Gabriele D’Annunzio
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Libertines, Lotharios or Bastards?

The Mysterious Sex Appeal of Gabriele D’Annunzio

The Mysterious Sex Appeal of Gabriele D’Annunzio
Gabriele D'Annunzio 1863-1938

"You want me.... don't you?"



Ladies, take care of your reputations, Gentlemen, take notes. This man is a sexual Übermensch, an irresistible erotic loadstone, a carnal force of nature who (by his own admission) has seduced over 1000 women.

He is novelist, poet, aviator and proto-Nazi, Gabriele D’Annunzio, but what is his sensual secret?







Who needs Rudolph Valentino? Who needs Rudolph Valentino?

Is it his Looks?

A veritable Adonis, Gabriele D’Annunzio stands less than 5’6” in height atop beanpole-slender legs, although his slopping shoulders make him appear even shorter. His skin radiates an unhealthy pallor; his three coloured teeth, a grim warning against poor oral hygiene. D’Annunzio’s eyes are so intense and piercing the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt once described them as “little blobs of shit.”

He has been powerfully bald since the age of 23, a condition he blames on the application of iron perchlorate to disinfect a head wound received during a duel. He does however sport a viciously pointed goatee and a moustache which curves dramatically upwards in a valiant attempt to escape his face and establish its own independence.

"Sorry, you're just not my type" “Sorry, you’re just not my type”





One admirer described him as “A frightful little gnome” another gushed he was “A tragic gargoyle”

The beautiful Parisian courtesan Liane de Pougy was so mesmerised by his appearance she dreamily recalled “Red-rimmed eyes and no eyelashes, no hair, greenish teeth, bad breath and the manners of a mountebank”





It should come as no surprise that as a young man, interested in politics he stood in his local elections as “The Candidate for Beauty.”

Is it his Passion?

D’Annunzio wants YOU D’Annunzio wants YOU

D’Annunzio is a seething volcano of magma-hot passion, much of which is directed towards leading his native Italy into violent and bloody conflict.

“Blessed are the young who hunger and thirst for glory for they shall be satisfied . . . . Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be called upon to staunch a splendid flow of blood, and dress a wonderful wound . . . . Blessed are they who return with victories, for they shall see the new face of Rome”.

When he isn’t encouraging Italian youth to get itself gloriously killed he is equally vocal in praise of beautiful ladies.

Meeting the actress and ballerina Ida Rubinstein at an opening night party in Paris he simply couldn’t contain himself.

"I'm glad you like my dancing but please stop kissing my crotch" “I’m glad you like my dancing but please stop kissing my crotch”

“Seeing at close quarters those marvelous naked legs, with my usual boldness I threw myself to the ground and — quite oblivious of my swallow-tail coat — kissed the feet, rose, still kissing, from the ankle to the knee and up along the thigh to the crotch, kissing with lips as swift and supple as a flautist’s scurrying over the stops of a double flute.”

That everyone else present, including the crotch kissed Ms Rubinstein stood paralyzed with embarrassment did nothing to dilute the intensity of his ardour.

Countless women have been impressed with D’Annunzio’s grand romantic gestures. Who could resist being bombarded with expensive gifts by Buccellati and Codognato or walking from a rose filled carriage along a carpet of roses while being showered with…roses?


Is it his Voice?

No one can deny that strident inflammatory shouting is the perfect way to address a crowd of 100,000 supporters in Rome, leading to a riot during which Benito Mussolini is arrested.

In the bedroom however this approach doesn’t fare so well.

D’Annunzio uses a more gentle tone when embarking upon seduction. In 1910, bravely running away from his creditors, he was in Paris when he bumped into the teenage daughter of the composer Pietro Mascagni.

When Signor D’Annunzio speaks, it always seems as though he is telling one a secret. Even if he is only saying “good morning.””

This approach enticed the dancer Isadora Duncan into taking a woodland walk with him whereupon he unleashed a devastating barrage of flattery.

“Oh Isadora . . . All other women destroy the landscape. You alone are part of it. You are a part of the trees, the sky; you are the supreme Goddess of Nature”.

"Don't look into my eyes, listen to my voice" “Don’t look into my eyes, listen to my voice”

On another occasion, when leaving a soiree, he turned to his hostess and substituted a simple “Goodnight” with, “What a charming woman you are! One of those women of whom you retain a delicious memory. And we will never see each other again. Perhaps later, seeing each other more often, one would discover faults, but, like this, it will be one of those memories that you have in life, the memory of something exquisite that you will never see again.”

To the female ear, D’Annunzio’s words are like warm, sweet honey; to the writer Earnest Hemmingway they are less impressive as he is often to be heard referring to him as “A jerk”.


Is it because, “He’s a challenge?”

It takes a very special lady to retain the love of a man who has inspired his previous armours to attempt suicide, become addicted to drugs and alcohol and succumb to mental illness. D’Annunzio becomes bored with women easily and can be a little brusque when they notice his disinterest.

" Gabriele, if you've been visiting those sisters again I'll bloody kill you" ” Gabriele, if you’ve been visiting those sisters again I’ll bloody kill you”

The closest he has come to a long term relationship (apart of course from his wife) was with the actress Eleonora Duse. They were lovers for the best part of a decade; she paid the rent on his luxurious villa “La Capponcina” which he quietly shared with fifteen servants and two hundred doves.

When the depth of their love and commitment became too exhausting for D’Annunzio he often paid a restorative visit to “two sisters’ expert in perverse pleasures” who lived locally. Duse was no doubt overjoyed when he returned to her two or three days later “In great spirits”

She was the first to admit that her feelings for him were somewhat complicated.

“I would prefer to die in a corner rather than love a soul such as his. I detest D’Annunzio, but adore him.”





Is it his Style?

Fashion is fleeting but style is timeless. D’Annunzio has been known to wear penis shaped shoes and sport a crotchless robe; next season he predicts becoming very fond of black shirts.

Smart / Casual Smart / Casual

A diplomat of his acquaintance by the name of Harry Clément Ulrich Kessler recently commented enviously on his sartorial finesse.

“His suit is also Italian: light gray summer pants such as one sees in bazaars in Florence, or Sunday on Italian travelling salesmen. Add to that rundown patent leather shoes, a somewhat frayed coat with a black-braided casual suit, and a no longer new, light lilac necktie, the whole outfit in the style of a fading coffeehouse Don Juan from an Italian small town, Bologna or Pisa.”






 Is it the fact that he is rumoured to have had one of his ribs removed so he can fellate himself?

No!  (Although that would be sex with someone he loves)

" Can you write, " To auntie Val from a man who sucks his own cock" ” Can you write, ” To auntie Val from a man who sucks his own cock”

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