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Blog Archives: Images

The Regency Keith Moon – Drunken Horseplay with “Mad” Jack Mytton

John Mytton 1796 - 1834


Unlimited funds, constant boredom and a love of port. The short and colorful life of a Regency gentleman who couldn’t give a fuck.


François l’Olonnais, Cannibal, Psychopath and Extreme Optician.

François l'Olonnais, 1635 – 1668

Hang on to your eyeballs, The Spanish Main’s most psychotic pirate decides to get REALLY nasty.


Hey Nonny! it’s the love Doctor.

Dr Simon Forman 1552 -1611

Impurely Medicinal

Its Carry On Blood, Boobs and Buboes when Elizabethan England’s randiest doctor makes a house call.


The Exhausting Naval Adventures of Augustus Hervey.

Augustus John Hervey, 3rd Earl of Bristol 1724-1779

"All Aboard!"

The navy’s most incorrigible cocksman drops anchor in as many ports as he can.


Where’s Walter?

Henry Spencer Ashbee 1834 – 1900

Mucky Books

The respectable epitome of Victorian values who hid the world’s biggest stash of porn, loved spanking and possibly slept with half the prostitutes and serving girls in London, God Save the Queen… and Henry Spencer Ashbee.


I Was a Teenage Pope

Pope John XII 937-964

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Arson,Murder,Incest,Torture,Drunkenness,Gambling and Random Castration. John XII is a very naughty Pontiff !


The Ladies Love Claude Duval.

Claude Duval 1643-1670

He Spends Your Cash On Looking Flash

He’s an over dressed, flute playing, dog disguising French smart arse. Why does he get all the girls?


Tough on Crime, Tough on the Causes of Crime.

Vlad III Prince of Wallachia 1431-1476

This might sting a little

Tall, dark Wallachian with attractive mustache seeks friendship,possibly more. Harsh but fair,hates impoliteness,loves impaling.


Francis Dashwood’s Boys Club.

Francis Dashwood, 15th Baron le Despencer 1708 - 1781

"No,THIS is a whip!"

Flagellation , Blasphemy, Drunkenness, Promiscuity and Impersonating the King Of Sweden. Who’s in?


Introducing Old Q

William Douglas, 1724 -1810

You Dirty Old Man

No teeth and no shame, the philanderer who remembers when all this was fields.