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I'm a British voice talent and former BBC broadcaster based in the United Kingdom, who has been bringing words to life since 2007.
I work with clients from all over the world and can be heard on TV, Radio & Online Commercials, Explainer Videos, E-Learning Presentations, Audio & Destination Guides, Multimedia Training Courses, Public Service Announcements, Live Events & Apps.

If you need a British male voice for your latest project, I'd love to help.

Listen to my latest showreel below.

Commercials - Simon Talbot
Medical - Simon Talbot
Storytelling - Simon Talbot
E Learning - Simon Talbot
Narration - Simon Talbot
Character - Simon Talbot
I've worked with lots of people over the years, here are just a few of them..
Some of the people who I've worked with, took the time to share what the they thought about the experience.

“Twofish is an Amsterdam based advertising agency specialising in pan-European campaigns for multinational clients. We have hired Simon repeatedly over the years for his credible, deliberate, personable and believable deliveries. Simon is able to inject a likeable warmth and enthusiasm into his reads that can bring the even the driest scripts to life.

His versatility is also a big plus: unlike most VO artists who have a limited repertoire, Simon effortlessly varies the pace, tone, formality and style of each read to best match the brief. And on top of always delivering exactly what we want, he is also a good bloke who is happy to help and a pleasure to work with.”

Russ Pinney

Managing Director


"We've worked with Simon on a variety of projects, and not only does Simon's voice suit a huge range of tones and styles, he's also quick, professional, easy to work with and hits the mark time and time again.

As much as we'd love to be able to keep Simon's services to ourselves, it would seem to be a disservice to the voiceover-needing-world to do this. If you need a professional, great sounding voice, Simon's your man."

Nick Pilgrim


“We have been using Simon for our e-learning voiceovers for many years now.

His professional, flexible and can-do approach has made working with him very enjoyable.


Simon has an amazing ability to take a brief and make something which goes above and beyond our expectations. Simon is very reliable, very quick and a pleasure to work with.”

Sam Malone

E-Learning & Media Developer

Kwik-Fit Training Academy

“Picking a lead brand voice for our new UK broadcast radio station '100% Whatever' was hard. The performance is popping up 10 times an hour to both identify the station and convey its unique personality is a tough casting, we looked at hundreds of talent profiles and Simon stood out.

We wanted the timing of a comedian, the voice depth of an actor and the warmth and 'reality' to make us sound human and friendly to an adult radio audience.


Simon Talbot delivered exactly what we wanted with a tough brief and complex material. We are using him again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.”

Gareth Cottier-Jansen

Executive Director. 100% Media group

“A pleasure to work with, very quick turnaround time and excellent quality. Highly recommended!”

Ashley Cotrel

Training and Development Manager

Aztec Financial Services

My job is telling your story, here is a very short version of mine.

At school, a Careers Teacher once gave me a leaflet entitled “So you want to be an Estate Agent?”  I rather precociously wrote “No I don’t, I want to be a Radio Presenter” across the top and handed it back to him (I have nothing against Estate Agency by the way)

Whilst vividly illustrating what an obnoxious little know-it-all I was at the age of 14, my leaflet vandalism was also a pretty accurate prediction of what I would ultimately do with my future.

Hospital Radio, Student Radio, Community Radio, Internet Radio, Commercial Radio and BBC Radio - over the last twenty years I have spent an inordinate amount of my life behind a microphone.

For much of that time, I have also been a professional voice talent, lending my voice to a wide variety of projects from complex e-learning modules about medical procedures and industrial machinery to audio guides navigating listeners through the worlds of history and art.

I've sold goods and services from furniture retailing to software development, along the way digging deeply intro my vast reservoir of acting talent to play parts such as James Bond (Roger Moore era) and a depressed polar bear ( I have no recollection of why or for whom)     


When not in a studio I have performed as a stand-up comedian and been employed as both an audio producer and an advertising copywriter. This means as a voice over with home recording and editing  facilities, I fully understand the importance of timing and delivery, high production values and the clarity of the message.

I also thoroughly enjoy what I do and look forward to each new project that comes my way.

If you like what you hear, it would be great to work with you, if however, you are more interested in becoming an Estate Agent, my careers teacher and I suggest this link.

Recording from a home studio means that I can respond to your needs quickly and with flexibility. I can normally turn around scripts within 24 hours, delivering them in the format of your choice.
I record using a SHURE SM7B mic through a dbx 286s preamp and Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface and edit using Adobe Audition CC and iZotope RX6.

For an example of my studio quality, please listen below. 
If you would like to use my voice, discuss a project, request a quote or simply shoot the breeze, I would love to hear from you.


Skype: simon.talbotvoice

Tel:      +44 (0) 7904033511

Or, simply fill out the form below and ill get right back to you.


Thanks, Ill get right back to you!

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