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The logo of Rogues Gallery Uncovered - The podcast of Bad Behaviour in Period Costume


Welcome to the world of Libertines, Lotharios and Complete B******s. 

True (ish) stories of history's most badly behaved men and women.

Often funny, sometimes horrifying, occasionally rude, but always fascinating. 

If you love history but are bored of podcasts about what Jane Austin liked for breakfast or listening to some posh bloke get over-excited about a broken pot, then this is for you.

From Casanova to Mata Hari, you'll meet a disreputable cast of colourful characters and learn about their scandalous lives and times. 


Find the gallery wherever you get your podcasts, show your support and enjoy exclusive benefits by becoming a 'Lovable Rogue', sign up to the newsletter for all the latest, buy merch from the store, or pop on a pair of breeches, drink a pint of claret and raise some hell. 

Whatever you choose...stay Roguish.

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A cornucopia of reprobates who have - or will be - featured in the podcast. Once in a gallery tap each image to find out more.

Lovable Rogues get exclusive access to a more risqué gallery featuring artistic snapshots of their outrageous behaviour. 


If you have any comments or questions about the podcast, the website or myself, write a short missive on the form below and I shall do my best to answer honestly and accurately - Unless the question is impertinent, in which case, "Damm your eyes!!"

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