The Why's & Wherefore's

The author yesterday,
casually dressed.

Since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by history.  As a music fan, I’ve also been an avid reader of “Sex and Drugs and Rock n Roll” music biographies.

Rogues Gallery is my attempt to combine the two.


Short, colourful vignettes that entertain, possibly arouse and -like the best rock n roll – may make you want to do something that you shouldn’t.


...In period costume!


Society has always been governed by rules; rules of class, rules of religion, rules of morality, rules of “acceptable behaviour.”

 Rogues Gallery is a celebration of the men and women who gave the finger to those rules and lived their lives on their own terms.


By modern standards, the behaviour of some of our Rogues was appalling. A few were even notorious during their own lifetimes for being thoroughly evil bastards. 


Most, however, were talented, charming, eccentric and bursting with life. They gleefully rode roughshod over a landscape that – while the technology and the fashions may be different – was actually very similar to our own.


What they all had in common was that in a world which demanded conformity (and still does) they stood out as individuals and their stories are all the more interesting for it.


If you are looking for academic reference material to quote as part of a thesis on the socio-economic effects of crop rotation in the 1300s, you will be sorely disappointed.


If you are looking for twee windows into the life of Jane Austin, with a few (whispers) “rude bits” in it, then you may also regret your visit.


If you are the kind of person who loudly pontificates that “Things were so much better in the old days” then you can sod off too, because they weren’t and this will only make you angry.


However, if you want a few entertaining snapshots into worlds that have long since disappeared with occasional explosions of smut and swearing, then welcome to the gallery.


Perhaps you'll want to learn more about the rogues or  the times in which they lived.


If you've never been a fan, you may decide that history isn't such a load of boring old rubbish after all.


You might even feel the urge to slip on a pair of eye wateringly tight moleskin breeches, go down the pub and get hammered on absinthe.


Or is that just me?