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Loveable Exclusive 


Rogues Private Salon

A refined and contemplative space where gentlemen and ladies of quality can relax and enjoy the benefits of membership status.

Sip a small glass of dry sherry perhaps, swap Bible verses or even dance a "Parson's Excuse Me."   

As a much-valued supporter of Rogues Gallery Uncovered, your commitment and generosity entitles you to exclusive "Behind closed doors" rewards.


I hope you enjoy them disgracfully.  

Members can tap each image to visit its page ( non members will have to sign up)

Lovable Videos

Enjoy all of your favourite Rogues Gallery Uncovered tales with added pictures.

Contemporary images accompany stories of appalling historical behaviour for your delectation and amusement. 

A new video will be added every month, but be warned - some may contain sauciness.


Lovable Gallery

Take an exclusive glimpse into the disgraceful world of the historical rogue with these artistic snapshots of their outrageous behaviour. 

From risque woodcuts to satirical prints and the occasional filthy postcard, this private 'Members Only' gallery is for the discerning art lover.  

Lovable Books

An ever-expanding virtual bookstore from which you can identify and purchase all of the many, many reference books I use in the research and writing of Rogues Gallery Uncovered. 

If you are fascinated by history - roguish or otherwise - you are sure to find a tome of interest.

Screenshot 2024-05-22 223133.jpg

Lovable Forum

An exclusive meeting place where rogues of all disreputable persuasions can meet convivially, chat, swap tales of bad behaviour, make suggestions/comments about the podcast or just shoot the breeze. 

Lovable Bargains

Treat youself to a roguish fashion statement  from the RGU store - with a members only discount of 10% on all items.*

*The discount code will be on the confirmation email you receive when you sign up.


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