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Experience Rogues Galley Online LIVE!


The gallery’s tales of historical misbehaviour are so fascinating that I often find it very difficult to keep them to myself.

When the urge to share becomes overwhelming I hit the road to deliver informal talks to whoever wants to hear them.

Talks can be structured around a theme – I recently told the stories of three rule breaking historical ladies at an event celebrating the centenary of the UK Women’s Institute – or they can be a random selection of fascinating ne'er-do-wells.


The aim of each talk is to inform, amuse, entertain and hopefully inspire.....not necessarily in period costume.


Below is an excerpt of one roguish evening where I explored the earning power and the love life of 18th-century celebrity courtesan Fanny Murray. 

sepia chair.JPG

If you would like me to present a selection of Rogues at your event, get in touch using the form below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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